Who's Who at St. Peter's Cathedral

Who's who at St. Peter's Cathedral


Rector of St. Peter's Cathedral: The Rev'd Canon David Garrett, B.A., M. Div.

Rector Emeritus (retired Nov. 30, 2014): The Rev'd Canon Peter W. Harris, B.A., M.S.Litt., D.D.

Assistant Priest (Part-time): The Rev'd Father Ralph Moore, L.Th., Dip. Min.

Sacristan: David Kays;     Assistant Sacristan: Sean Bulman

Lay Readers: Karl Winter, Ph.D.;   Allan MacLean, B.Mus.; 
Carl Mathis, B.Mus., M.S.M.;   Prof. Philip Davis, Ph.D.

Lay Eucharistic ministers: Karl Winter, Michael Edward

Organist and Choir Director:   Position vacant

Assistant Organists:   Gloria Jay, B.Mus.;   Susan Stensch, B.A. (Music),   Ann Francis, B.A.

Organist Emeritus and Lay Canon of St. Peter's Cathedral:
F. Alan Reesor, A.Mus., B.Mus., M.Mus., D.Cn.L., F.R.C.C.O.

Parish Wardens: Rory Francis;   Edgar MacDonald

Church Secretary: Anne Chisholm

Sexton:    Janitorial and cleaning services provided by "Dulces Facilities Services Ltd."
(Mr. Tony Foy, and Mr. Josť Galicia)

Archbishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island ó The Most Rev'd Ronald Cutler
See this link from the Web Page of the "Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island"
for current information about episcopal ministry:

Diocese of NS and PEI

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