Note: Updated March 2013.

The Altar Servers of St. Peter's Cathedral are a faithful and dedicated group who serve faithfully at the altar throughout the year. In a parish with a liturgical tradition such as that of St. Peter's Cathedral, it is especially important to have a group of faithful and well-trained servers who can be counted on to assist at services with reverence, faithfulness, and devotion.
    For over fifty years the Altar Servers of St. Peter's Cathedral were under the direction of Parish Sacristan, Paul Kays. Parishioners were saddened when Paul passed away on March 16th, 2003.  Shortly before his death, Paul had stepped down from his position as "sacristan".   Ralph Moore succeeded Paul Kays as Sacristan, and served in that capacity for five years, until he left us to pursue theological studies leading to ordination. [Following ordination, he served as a priest in the Diocese of Western Newfoundland 2009-2012, and then returned to PEI in 2012 to become rector of the Parish of Milton and also to be a part-time priest at St. Peter's Cathedral]. After Ralph Moore left us, Craig MacDonald and Timothy Kenney served jointly as "co-sacristans" for two years. As of April, 2010, Craig MacDonald accepted the position of Sacristan for a period of time. In March 2011, the Rector appointed David Kays as Sacristan, with Sean Bulman as Assistant Sacristan. At the present time, our altar servers include both school age young people, and young adults.

Note: In the picture (above right), we see some of the Altar servers of St. Peter's Cathedral. This picture was taken in June 2012.
In the picture (below left), we see some of the Altar Servers in the Sacristy just before the High Mass for All Saints, November 2011.

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