The Cathedral Monthly

Note: This information was posted here March, 2004.

     The "Cathedral Monthly" has its roots in a publication of that name that was first produced in St. Peter's Cathedral Parish many years ago now, during the incumbency of Canon E. M. Malone. Over the years since then, there have from time to time been various parish newsletters. The name "Cathedral Monthly" was revived under the editorship of Peggy Holland (now Peggy Williams) in 1991, when she began editing and producing a monthly parish newsletter. Since then, the "Monthly" has continued up to the present--and the name "Monthly" is preserved, although in fact it is usually not produced monthly, but approximately four or five times a year. More recent editors have included Paula Connolly and June McKarris.
    Unfortunately, there has not been an issue of the Cathedral Monthly since the Summer Issue of 2003. June McKarris decided that the time had come for her to step down as Editor. We are most grateful to her for all that she did in producing the 'Monthly' in a timely and efficient way. As of the beginning of 2004, we are hoping to be able to resume publication of the "Cathedral Monthly" on a regular basis at some point during the year, once new leadership is found to take responsibility for editing and producing it on a regular basis.

     We print here the report about the "Cathedral Monthly" that was presented to the parish annual meeting in February of 2003 (bearing in mind that this report is now over a year 'old').

     The Cathedral Monthly was produced five times during the year 2002. It is published every two months except during the summer.

     Approximately 300 copies of each issue are printed for the Parish family, and another 20 copies are made for subscribers and gift subscriptions. The money paid by subscribers and received as donations pay the cost of printing and mailing these copies.

      Thank you to all who gave donations towards the Cathedral Monthly. This financial aid helps keep our costs low.

     Our heartfelt thanks to those who help us in the production of the Monthly by contributing articles, news items and notices of events. However, June McKarris' vision for the Cathedral Monthly is not exactly what we are issuing now. She feels very strongly that each group or organization in the church should contribute a report for each issue of the Monthly. This way, those parishioners who do not get out to church on a regular basis and those of us who do attend each Sunday would be kept apprised of what is going on in our parish. June feels that the Cathedral Monthly is a perfect instrument to showcase our beautiful Cathedral and the hard work many of our groups perform to sustain our present level of success. She is aware that many parishioners are interested in reading what is in the Personal and Parochial section, and she depends on you to pass on any information that you can for this column.

      Thank you to those parishioners who regularly take home their own copy of the Cathedral Monthly, and a special thank you to our "couriers" who perform this very kind and time-consuming service, delivering the Monthly to parishioners who do not get out to church regularly.

                    June McKarris, Father Peter Harris
                    The Editorial Staff

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