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These pages were first roughed out in the Summer of 1996 by Holland College (Charlottetown, PEI) Summer Student Mr. Nathaniel Lloyd, using HtmlEd Pro, in consultation with a number of individuals. Many thanks to him for his hard work and help, and laying out the ground work. Over several months, these original pages were significantly re-edited, added to and completed.

Thanks as well to web-meister Kevin O'Brien at ISN in Charlottetown, PEI, for consultation and providing the inexpensive server-space and very helpful technical support.

New pages were produced & re-editing was done using a trial edition of Hot Dog Pro Web Page Editor Version 2.53, and an impressive if often buggy trial version of the new 32-bit HotDog Professional V3.

This web-page was planned, produced in 1998-9 (© and all rights to code & image-production reserved) by Angel Piper Web-Designs, working together with representatives of Saint Peter Publications. We appreciate their largely volunteer assistance, patience, and persistance. This web-page would not be, and would not be what it is without them.

Cartoons © Canon Robert Tuck (see his home page here). Other cartoons © by the Anglican Free Press cartoonist "The Mumbler". All rights reserved, used with permission.

St. Peter Publications does not necessarily endorse all the content or views presented in any particular linked pages, nor are the views expressed by the contributors to the Anglican Free Press necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher. The content and views of all the enclosed publishers are not necessarily those of the Web-master. All other written material is copyright of the original authors, and may be used or reproduced with permission from St. Peter Publications.

All calendar artwork inclusive of the 1998 Calendar was painted by and is © of Mr. Peter Bresnen, a Nova Scotian artist who also does portraits, landscapes, and other artistic work. He may be contacted at P.O. Box 9638, Station "A", Halifax, NS, Canada, B3K 5S4, and by phone at 1(902) 492-3899.

The illumination on the Main & this Credits Page is "St. Peter Preaching" by St. John of Berry, from the collection of the Bibliotheque National De France.

Thank you for visiting our pages, and may God bless you.

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