Dr. Crouse's sermons have been printed and published, and have been avidly collected by friends, students, and colleagues. We offer a representative selection of sermons-- some originally preached in King's College Chapel, others in city and country parishes in the Maritimes.

[rdcprch.jpg]The heart of Dr. Crouse's preaching comes from the theological reading of Holy Scripture, rooted in the ancient classical lectionary pattern of the Western Church as found in part through the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. In the lectionary (or appointed set of readings) the reading of God's Word written is set out in an orderly teaching pattern of Collect, Epistle, and Gospel-- where the Collect (or short prayer) gathers up the themes and spiritual content of the readings, the Gospel helps us to know the saving truth of Christ our Lord, and the Epistle helps us to apply the teaching to our Christian believing and living.

In time we hope to expand this collection. If you wish to read more, contact St. Peter Publications for their book Common Prayer 6, a sermon series covering the whole church year (including Dr. Crouse's contributions) part of a series of inexpensive bible-reading commentaries, intended to help those who use Morning and Evening Prayer as part of their prayer and spiritual life.

In some cases below there are several sermons for each Sunday (marked i, ii, iii, and so on), others have none available as yet. Sermons marked with a ' * ' come from the COMMON PRAYER 6 collection available above.


Occasional Sermons


Sermons for the Church year


Saint's Days Sermons


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