Book Cover, 2003 Conference Book

Iconography: The Use of Art in Christian Worship

This book contains the collection of papers delivered at the 23rd Annual Atlantic Theological Conference in Charlottetown, P.E.I. in June 2003. The book includes articles by Dr. Mary Elizabeth Smith, The Rev'd Dr. Robert Crouse, The Rev'd Dr. Thomas Curran, Dr. Paul Epstein, Mr. Peter Bryson, and Mr. Christopher Snook. This Conference explored the subject of Iconography and the use of art in Christian worship and devotion. Topics covered include 'Iconography in Early Christianity', 'Icons and Iconoclasm in the 8th Century', 'Chartres Cathedral—Supernatural Reality of the Here and Now', 'The Iconography of Christian Empire from Constantine to Frederick II' and 'Rembrandt & the Art of Painting in a Reformed Culture'.

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