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revised and updated in May 2017.

Note: There are two branches of the A.C.W. (Anglican Church Women) at St. Peter's Cathedral—the Binney Group and the Inglis Group. These groups take their names from former bishops of the Diocese. Bishop Charles Inglis was the first Bishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia (with episcopal jurisdiction over Prince Edward Island). He was bishop from 1787 until 1816. Bishop Hibbert Binney was the fourth bishop of the Diocese, serving as bishop from 1851 to 1887. Bishop Binney was instrumental in the establishing of St. Peter's Cathedral Parish.

The ladies of the St. Peter's Cathedral Inglis Group meet from time to time throughout the year, and undertake special projects for the parish, either activities of a fund-raising nature, or activities that are of assistance in other ways, such as brass polishing. They frequently assist the ladies of the Binney Group in providing "refreshments" at numerous parish events, meetings, etc.    Printed below are highlights from the Inglis Group Report for the Year 2016, as presented at the Parish Annual Meeting in March 2017.


      On March 6, 2016, the Inglis Group catered to the noon luncheon prior to the Parish Annual Meeting which was held in the Cathedral Hall.
      Our group served soup and sandwiches to approximately forty people in the Cathedral Hall, following the noon Ecumenical Service on Maundy Thursday 2016, with all the proceeds from this function going to St. Monica's Home in Jamaica.
      On May 12, 2016, the Inglis Ladies served a Mercy Meal following the funeral of the late Clarence Mason, husband of Katheryn Mason. Sandwiches, sweets, and all items needed for the reception were served. The funeral service and reception for Mr. Mason were both well attended.
      At the request of Eugene Korrey, our group was asked to prepare and serve a Mercy Meal on September 5, following the funeral of his beloved wife, Mary Lou. For decades, they both have attended the early Sunday morning service in the Cathedral.
      In December, our group polished and shined the seven sanctuary lamps in preparation for the Christmas celebrations.
      As all ladies and others in the congregation do, our members continue to make and donate items for the annual fudge sale and the bake sale.
      We continue to support the Upper Room Angels with a donation of $52.00.
      The ladies of the Inglis Group extend sympathy to our Rector, Father David Garrett, on the recent sudden loss of his mother (December 2016).

      In closing, I would like to thank the wonderful faithful ladies for their hard work over the past twenty-five years, and these ladies are:
 Katheryn Mason     Lila Taweel     Barb Taweel
 Mary Kays     Dalal Dow     Amelia Jabbour     Gladys Stewart

Respectfully submitted,
Sadie Shama, President
Katheryn Mason, Vice-President
Amelia Jabbour, Secretary
Dalal Dow, Treasurer.


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