Book Cover, 2004 Conference Book

Multiculturalism and Religious Freedom

This book contains the collection of papers delivered at the Atlantic Theological Conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in June 2004. The book includes articles by The Rev'd Dr. Carsten Peter Thiede, Dr. Paul Epstein, Dr. Wayne Hankey, The Rev'd Dr. Thomas Curran, Dr. Floy Doull, and Archdeacon Patrick Curran. This conference considered the subject of multiculturalism and religious freedom—a topic which should be of great interest and concern in our world today. Several interesting and thought-provoking perspectives on this subject were presented. Dr. Floy Doull, in concluding her paper, said, "It follows from what has been said that the foundation for a knowledge of human freedom is the Trinitarian doctrine of the Christian religion. Although the grounds for this knowledge were present since the revelation of the Christian religion, it required the mediation of history and the emergence of Christian institutions for this knowledge to become our own. God's Trinitarian life as the foundation for our Trinitarian life, God's self-determination as the paradigm for our self-determination, was the source of seventeenth and eighteenth century doctrines of the equality of all men, their inalienable rights to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,' of a universal humanity which transcends differences of race, language, culture and creed."

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