Welcome to the Homepage for the Prayer Book Society of Canada, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Branch.

Founded in 1985, the Prayer Book Society of Canada is a charitable organization which promotes the understanding of classical Anglican Christianity, as embodied in the worship and teaching of the Book of Common Prayer, and as found in the present Canadian Book of Common Prayer (1962). The Solemn Declaration of 1893 (General Synodís constitutional basis, Book of Common Prayer, page viii) defines The Book of Common Prayer as the touchstone for our worship. 

Society Objectives: 

  • To uphold The Book of Common Prayer as the standard for worship, theology and doctrine in the Anglican Church of Canada; 
  • To support a modest flexibility in Prayer Book usage as sensible and desirable; 
  • To welcome the use of other liturgies which may, from time to time, be both appropriate and effective in the contemporary Church. 

The Society is a committed group of laypeople and clergy working to promote the understanding and use of the Book of Common Prayer as a spiritual system of nurture for life in Christ. Our Branch is only one of a number of active branches across Canada.

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