Book Cover, 2003 Conference Book

Providence: The Will of God in Human Affairs

This book contains the collection of papers delivered at the Atlantic Theological Conference in Halifax, N.S., in June 2002. The book includes articles by The Rev'd Dr. Stephen Andrews, The Rev'd Dr. Robert Crouse, Dr. Torrance Kirby, The Rev'd David Curry, and The Rev'd Dr. Thomas Curran. This conference explored the concept of divine providence. How are we to understand God's presence in history, and his eternal purposes being worked out in the fullness of time? As the Rev'd Stephen Andrews points out, “The question of whether the God who thus providentially rules is good arises naturally for human beings. But Christians point to the cross and resurrection of Christ as the resolution to that problem—not because these events reveal the good in every apparent evil, but because they offer the certainty that this will one day be seen. In the meantime, the providence of God means that believers endure trials in patience and hope, knowing that ‘all things work together for good to them that love God’ ” (Romans 8.28).

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