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Father David Garrett
The Rev'd Father David Garrett
Rector of St. Peter's Cathedral

Churches offer, in word and sacrament, in taste and smell and touch, in wood and stone and brick, in sculpture and painting and glass a window into eternity, a sign of the reality of Christ in this world and our Communion in him and with one another, and a call to holiness. The Communion in Christís body and blood, which we enjoy, calls us to Purity and Unity. We are washed and sealed in the blood of Christ, forgiven and owned, and we are called to live out this purity of purpose, to know and live the Gospel in this world, the Gospel of resurrection and forgiveness, hope which overcomes despair, faith which overcomes doubt and love which overcomes hate, in a world overwhelmed by despair and doubt and hate. And we live this out united in him, the one true and living bread. We are his one body, and we are called to live out this Unity.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to visit us, to enjoy the beauty and peace of this building, to take time for prayer and reflection, to light a candle, or to join us in any of our acts of worship which take place regularly in this remarkable church hallowed by years of prayer and public proclamation.

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