Book Cover, 2006 Conference Book

Reform and Renewal in Contemporary Christianity

The papers delivered at the 26th Annual Atlantic Theological Conference are contained in this book. The conference was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in June of 2006. The book includes papers presented by The Rev'd Dr. Robert Crouse, Dr. Neil Robertson, The Rev'd Father James Mallon, The Rev'd Dr. Thomas Curran, and Bishop Fitzsimons Allison. At the conference, these five speakers addressed the subject of reform and renewal in contemporary Christianity, exploring the topic from a number of perspectives. The papers presented include "The Idea of Reform in Christian Tradition", "Reformation as Renewal: The New and the Old in Luther", "Benedict and the Reform of the Reform", "Goethe's Werther: Reaction and Revision" and "Anglican Repentance: Renewing the Power to Love".

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