Note: This information about the Sunday School
was updated as of March 2013.

Sunday School children Our Sunday School at St. Peter's Cathedral is currently under the capable leadership of Eric Edward, who has been our Superintendent since September 2008. He is assisted by his father, Michael Edward (who is especially helpful with the music), and also by Beth Dowbiggin. Printed below is the report of the St. Peter's Cathedral Sunday School for the year 2012, as presented at the Parish Annual Meeting in March 2013.

I am pleased to present the 2012 Annual Report of our Cathedral Church School. The classes in 2012 began January 8th and ended June 24th with the Church School Closing and Picnic. The picnic, due to rain, was held in the hall. However, once the rain ended, the children were able to return outside to have their annual egg toss. Following the summer holidays, Church School resumed with the 4th annual Spaghetti Dinner on Friday evening, Sept. 21st. Attendance was low but those who did attend enjoyed an intimate and enjoyable meal. Church School classes resumed the following Sunday. Through the Fall and Winter our children were involved in a number of special Cathedral services, including the Remembrance Service, Advent Carol Service, the Christmas Eve Children's Service, and the Epiphany Crib Service. During Advent, the children worked hard to prepare for the annual "New Old-Fashioned Christmas Concert and Nativity Pageant", which was held on December 28th.

The year 2012 was a challenging year for the Church School. While the staff and students of the Church School shared great joy in the gospel of our Lord Jesus, there was a steady decline in our numbers this year. This was due to a number of factors that include the graduation of students to the Servers Guild and Senior Choir, the move of a faithful family, and conflicting family schedules. The result is that at the end of this year we have only six regularly attending students and four occasional students. The drop in numbers meant a restructuring of the classes. Our Sunday morning begins with song and prayer led by Michael Edward, and then Beth Dowbiggin and I now share the teaching. Also the services of our nursery worker were not re-engaged.

I want to thank our Rector for his continual support, the Parish Life Committee for their concern and encouragement, and of course Beth and Michael for their dedication and willingness.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric Edward (Superintendent)

Here are some pictures of Sunday School activities, including pictures taken at the Christmas Pageant, the Pumpkin Carving Costume Party, and pictures taken at the Parish Sunday School Picnic.

Christmas Pageant - arrival of the Shepherds Christmas Pageant - arrival of the Magi

Christmas Pageant 2012, all participants Oct 2012, pumpkin carving and costumes

more pumpkin carving Costumes at the pumpkin party

Sunday School Picnic Sunday School Picnic

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