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There are many Christian Education Programmes on the market—so many formats, so many different emphases and topics. Nonetheless, eight years ago, a group of lay people interested in ministering to children and young people at St. George's Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, began to develop a Christian Education Curriculum for use in Anglican Sunday Schools and confirmation classes which they felt could meet a perceived need for a programme which is centred in Holy Scripture and faithful to the Anglican tradition as found in the Book of Common Prayer.

Based on the Bible and the Anglican tradition  
The curriculum is organized into a four year cycle. In the first year, the lessons are based on the Catechism of the Book of Common Prayer, including the Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer. Year One also contains lessons on important feasts and festivals which help to connect what the children learn in Sunday School with what is taking place at worship. The second year follows the Church Year and intensifies this connection, as the children learn lessons based on the Prayer Book lectionary for Holy Communion throughout the year. In the third year, the children learn about notable people and events in Holy Scripture, and in the fourth year, significant figures in Christian history down through the centuries are the subject of the lessons.

Fun, Flexible and User-Friendly

Other than theological concerns, two of the principles guiding the creation of the St. George's Christian Education Curriculum were flexibility and user friendliness. With clearly laid out lessons, it is easy to use, and since Sunday Schools across Canada vary greatly (some have three children that meet for two hours, others have sixty children that meet for one hour; some groups meet according to age while others simply stay in one large group) it is flexible enough for a variety of parish situations.

Each weekly lesson is general enough to tailor-fit to every age group and there are enough suggested activities so that older and younger children will always be engaged. The programme features lots of activities, games and songs which help to teach serious and important lessons in a way that children will find exciting and enjoyable. Each lesson plan includes a focus statement, or theme summary, a gathering activity to settle the children in for the day's session, a memory verse to link the lesson to the Scripture passage being considered, a prayer or prayers, a song and the lesson and related activities.  CLICK HERE to see typical lesson from Year Two: The Seasons of the Church Year. The material is designed to be used flexibly, with older or younger children, in large or small groups.

For More Information  
Year I: The Catechism has been available from St. Peter Publications since the Fall of 1998. Year II: The Church Year has been available from St. Peter Publications for use since the Fall of 1999. Year III, which features notable people from Holy Scripture has been available for use since the Fall of 2000. Year IV, which focuses on significant figures in Christian history, has been written and developed in St. George's Parish and tested in parishes across the country in 1999-2000. Revisions then took place and plans to publish it began. Final revisions and publication of Year IV were delayed for a variety of reasons, but it was finally available for use in the 2004-2005 season, and is of course still available for this current 2005-2006 Sunday School season. Helpful comments, suggestions and ideas from the people using the curriculum are helping it to evolve and grow.

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