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Year Two: The Seasons of the Church Year

The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

The Focus
Today's Lesson explores three Christian virtues: Faith, Hope and Love. Interwoven like three strands in a braided cord, these virtues strengthen and complement each other. Faith embraces God's revelation in the past, hope his promises for the future and love his will for the present. We need God's help to believe in what Jesus has done for us, to trust that he will always be with us and to obey his commandment to love one another as he has loved us. Faith, hope and love are all fruits that God must grow in our hearts.

The Gathering Activity
It's Never Too Late to Say Thank You
  • Give the children white paper cut and folded into a card shape.
  • With markers, have them design a picture on the front.
  • Assist with spelling (if necessary) of a thank you note from each child to someone who has done some kind act for them or given them a present--even if it was a long time ago.

    The Opening Prayer
    Almighty and everlasting God, give unto us the increase of faith, hope, and charity; and,that we may obtain that which thou dost promise, make us to love that which thou dost command; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • They'll Know we are Christians
  • Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost      (Hymn 472, Book of Common Praise)

    The Lesson
    Ask the children how they feel when someone else wins the top prize in school. When a brother or sister gets to go on a special trip with grandparents or a favourite friend, are you happy for them or do you feel envious? If something bad or embarrassing happens to your friend, are you secretly glad or amused?

    Read Galatians 5:25--6:5.

    St. Paul reminds us that if we are truly faithful to what God wants for us, we will not be envious of the good things that happen to other people, nor will we be happy when bad or embarrassing things happen to them. Instead we should live like Christ and want only what is best for others and only what is right for ourselves.

    Bible Story--The Gospel of the Day
    St.Luke 17:11-19
    Ten lepers are healed

    Read or tell this story to the children, and explain and discuss it as necessary, to help them understand it.

    The Memory Verse
    This may be introduced into the lesson at any point the teacher desires.

    Bear ye one another's burdens
    Galatians 6.2

    Suggested Activities

    Each lesson contains several suggested activities which help to reinforce the message of the lesson. For each lesson there are crafts, games and dramatic activities to use according to the needs and age appropriateness of the different groups involved. There is also an Activity Page handout included with each lesson.

        A. Craft
        Faith, Hope, Charity, Star Paper Game
        Paper, pencil, crayons
        Follow the template and instructions to make this traditional game.

        B. Game
         Carrying Each Other's Burdens
         Have a relay race in which the children form teams with each team having a backpack with the team members' shoes, mittens, or whatever, in them. Each team member races up and back, hands the backpack to the next child, goes to the end of the line and sits down. Conduct like a normal relay race.

        C. Drama
        Discuss the Bible story. (The Story of the Ten Lepers). Ask the class to create a skit which illustrates the Bible story and act it out.

    Prayer and Fellowship

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