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Welcome to The Anglican Free Press

The Anglican Free Press (or AFP) is an independent quarterly journal that looks at the contemporary Church from the orthodox point of view of classical Anglican Christianity. It intends to be a voice for the renewal of traditional faith in the Canadian Church. It has been published since 1984 by St. Peter Publications, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

This webpage gives a sample of the full content of the AFP Journal.

Each issue features the insightful Editor's Notebook, as well as a wide variety of articles, Anglican News (Canada, England, USA), Five Minutes with John Pearce, Interviews, Book Reviews, orthodox sermons, internet articles, letters to the editor-- all this and thoughtful discussion of controversies within the modern Church, and more, by a wide range of authors.

Recent articles have included: 'Miracles in our Time', 'Hope Amid the Ruins', 'Bright Seraphs, Cherubim and Thrones', 'The Psalter', 'Great Hymns of the Church', and 'Approaching the Millenium', among many others.

Don't miss out! To subscribe, just send your name & address on our convenient order form, together with $15 (CDN) for four quarterly issues. A gift subscription to someone else is only $12. Copies of back issues of the AFP are $1.00 each, except for the current issues, which are $4 each, plus $2.50 for postage and handling.

St. Peter Publications Inc.

P.O. Box 713,
Charlottetown P.E.I., Canada, C1A 7L3
Phone & Fax: 1(902) 368-8442

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