Printed below is the original "Credits Page" from 1998, when these pages in honour of Dr. Crouse were first created by Rev. Sean Taylor of Angel Piper Webministries.

Due glory to Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who raises up in these turbulent times faithful men and women, and in particular, people like Fr. Robert Crouse to guide, comfort, cheer, and strengthen the Church and her faithful people and clergy.

Thanks to all those who provided materials or permission to use previouly published writings, so that this site might be built in a full and timely manner. Thanks to Michael Spencer, Artist Blacksmith, for permission to feature his webpage on the decorative iron-work at St. Mary's Crousetown, NS.

Particular thanks are due to St. Peter Publications, the Prayer Book Society of Canada and the Nova Scotia/ PEI Branch of the Society, to Mr. George Egerton, editor of ANGLICAN ESSENTIALS: Reclaiming Faith Within the Anglican Church of Canada, (Anglican Book Center, 1995) for permission to reproduce 'Hope Which Does not Disappoint: The Path to Genuine Renewal' by Dr. Crouse from within that collection arising from the Anglican Essentials 1994 Conference in Montreal. The working copy of the actual text arises from the original material from the Conference itself.

Appreciation goes out as well to many parish clergy, among many other friends, colleagues, and former (and present) students of Fr. Crouse, and all those who have been carefully collecting his papers, sermons, and articles down the years. If anyone has been forgotten, thanks to them as well.[angpip2a.jpg]

The volunteer web-work for this site is thanks to Angel Piper Webministries. Feel free to E-mail them here. [Note by Editor March 2010 - This site is no longer maintained by Angel Piper Webministries; therefore the option of contacting them here is not available].

Last but not least, thanks to Dr. Crouse for his humble and humourous patience in our putting his writings online-- with a wry and gentle smile, he said, "Mmm, yes, I see. Well, I just don't want to know about it." We have tried to be obedient to that request.

In giving thanks for the witness of Fr. Crouse, it may be appropriate to quote these words of John Donne, which Dr. Crouse used in one of his sermons about another faithful pastor of God's flock:


"I glorify God much in the gifts of the man,
but I glorify God much more in the gifts of his grace;
I am glad to have heard the man,
but I am gladder I have heard God in him;
I am happy that I have heard those words,
but thrice happy that in those words
I have heard the Word."


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