What is presented on this page is eventually intended to be the gathering together of most of the published writings of Dr. Crouse-- a linkable, book-like Curriculum Vitae (CV), as it were. Thus this site may serve as an introduction to newcomers to his writings on theology and philosophy, Christianity and classical Anglicanism, and as a resource for those who wish to learn more.

Also, some of these papers are serious theological works, others were intended for more general consumption. All reward attention, but not all are equally accessible.

If you make copies of these materials, please make sure proper attribution is given of the author in each copy, and also consider supporting St. Peter Publications, under whose auspices so many of these materials were first published and made available to a wider audience.

A full C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) is now available on this website, courtesy of the Classics Department of Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, inclusive of all Dr. Crouse's published work up to 1996-7.



[rdccrux.gif]Anglican Spirituality and the Book of Common Prayer

"Anglican spirituality is basically a liturgical piety, nurtured by the Book of Common Prayer. It is a rich and glorious tradition, and I, for one, am unwilling to see it undermined or discarded," writes Dr. Crouse in this article-- how is the Book of Common Prayer the authentic form of Anglican Christian memory and vocabulary, versus the modern alternatives which seek to renew but which often reduce our spiritual life and understanding? +

[rdccrux.gif]Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion: The Prayer Book Tradition in Theological Perspective
In this 1987 article, Robert Crouse argues "that our traditional Prayer Book system of Christian initiation is consistent and cogent, historically and doctrinally." Contemporary confusions lead to ever more theological and pastoral problems. Learn why the hidden doctrinal changes behind the scenes make all the difference in new liturgies. +

[rdccrux.gif]Heavenly Avarice: The Theology of Prayer
A Paper from a Western Canadian Theological Conference, published in M. Treschow, ed., The Lord is Nigh: The Theology and Practice of Prayer (Kelowna, B. C. Sparrow's Editing, 1997), pp. 74-78. +

[rdccrux.gif]Hope Which Does Not Disappoint
An address made to the Essentials '94 gathering of concerned Anglicans in Montreal, Quebec, in 1994. Dr. Crouse points out that if our church and Christian life are to be renewed, it must be on the basis of faith and love, and especially hope. A timely article for dispirited orthodox Anglican Christians. +

[rdccrux.gif]The Lectionary: The Heart of the Prayer Book System
How shall we read God's Word? A paper by Fr. Crouse on how the classical pattern of collect-epistle-gospel teaches us saving truth, saving doctrine, and our life in Christ week by week through the Prayerbook pattern. He writes: "It is an important, and really a basic, part of our Christian heritage, ancient and ecumenical, which it seems to me we must receive thankfully, cherish devoutly, and ponder in our minds and hearts week by week.". +

[rdccrux.gif]The Prayer Book and the Church in Crisis
A 1989 address to the Montreal Branch of the Prayer Book Society of Canada in which Dr. Crouse argues for neither traditionalism or despair, but rather a deeper understanding and a wider appreciation & use of a living tradition of faith and devotion, found in the Book of Common Prayer, leading us to greater love for Christ. +

[rdccrux.gif]Images of Pilgrimage: Retreat Addresses on Paradise and Wilderness in Christian Spirituality
This series of simply wonderful talks or meditations arise from a clergy retreat in the Diocese of Nova Scotia in June, 1986, at St. Augustine's Monastery, in Monastery, Antigonish County, NS. Through the thought of St. Augustine and the poetry of Dante's Divine Comedy we are led on a spiritual journey from captivity & struggle to heaven. These addresses were published by St. Peter Publications (see above) and are now available here, as well as from them. +

[rdccrux.gif]The Way Forward: An Address to the NS/PEI Prayer Book Society
Here Dr. Crouse considers some of the difficulties of living in a theologically and liturgically divided church. He writes: "it's clear that we must live with the tensions and confusions of our present circumstances, do the best we can, confident that Almighty God and His providence sends us nothing which is not ultimately for our good if we will be steadfast and faithful in that charity which binds us to Him and to one another in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost." +

[rdccrux.gif]The Seven Last Words: Eastertide Meditations on the Cross
In this 1989 series of Retreat meditations, offered at a monastery in Rogersville, NB, Dr. Crouse offers meditations on Good Friday and the Easter perspective on the love of the suffering Christ. This set of retreat addresses is taken from an accurate set of nearly verbatim notes from one of the retreatants. +

[rdccrux.gif]Holy Scripture & the New Hymn Book: Something to Sing About?
This 1998 article gleaned from the pages of the Anglican Free Press points out the basic question: are the concepts, images & language of the Holy Scriptures definitive for our faith and practice today? The answer must be yes, even in the face of new hymns & worship which depart from that standard, and to live in obedience to the revealed Word of God.+


Beginning in the early 1980's, a series of annual Theological Conferences have been held in the Canadian Maritimes on a range of topics, and those conferences continue-- you can attend the upcoming conference via the St. Peter Publications Page, the online conference brochure available there, and also order the worthwhile full Conference Reports as well.

Dr. Crouse has been writing conference summaries or conference papers for many years, and some will be made available here in time to come. For the time being, here the titles.

[rdccrux.gif]1998- Political Theology from the Constantinian Church to the Elizabethan Settlement

[rdccrux.gif]1997- Christology: From Chalcedon to Anselm

[rdccrux.gif]1996- Trinitarian Anthropology in the Latin Middle Ages

[rdccrux.gif]1995- Problems of Ecclesiology: Patristic Perspectives

[rdccrux.gif]1994- Redeeming Secularity

[rdccrux.gif]1993- Tradition & Christian Renewal

[rdccrux.gif]1992- The Holy Spirit in Traditional Christian Spirituality

[rdccrux.gif]1991- The Earth as Wilderness and Paradise in Medieval Christian Thought

[rdccrux.gif]1990- Atonement & Sacrifice: St. Augustine & the Fathers

[rdccrux.gif]1989- The Authority of the Thirty-Nine Articles Today

[rdccrux.gif]1987- The Lambeth Quadrilateral: The Creeds as the Sufficient Statement of the Christian Faith

[rdccrux.gif]1986- The Ministry of Reconciliation - Anglican Approaches

[rdccrux.gif]1985- The Book of Common Prayer in Historical and Theological Perspective

[rdccrux.gif]1984- The Prayer Book and the Authority of tradition
Produced for the 1984 Atlantic Theological Conference and reprinted in the Anglican Free Press, this substantial paper goes into some detail into the origins of our current crisis, the nature of the "consensus of the faithful" (Consensus Fidelium) and the nature of our Christian understanding of authority, as embodied in our creeds, liturgy, and other formularies. +

[rdccrux.gif]1982- Christian Initiation - Some Considerations


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[rdccrux.gif] "Philosophy and Poetry": Concluding Lecture for Foundation Year Programme, University of King's College, 1981.

[rdccrux.gif] "In multa defluximus: Confessions X, 29-43, and St. Augustine's Theory of Personality", in H. Blumenthal and R. Markus, eds., Neoplatonism and Early Christian Thought (London, 1980), pp. 180-85.

[rdccrux.gif] "Semina Rationum: St. Augustine and Boethius", Dionysius IV, (1980), 75-86.

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[rdccrux.gif] "The Hellenization of Christianity: A Historiographical Study" in The Canadian Journal of Theology, Vol. VIII (1962), No. 1, pp. 22-33.

[rdccrux.gif] "The Augustinian Background of St. Anselm's Concept Justitia", in The Canadian Journal of Theology, Vol VI, 1958, pp. 111-119.

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