A Sample of Dr. Crouse's writings:

"Hope Which Does Not Disappoint"
A Paper given by Father Crouse at the Essentials Conference 1994

1997 Conference Paper:
Christology from
Chalcedon to Anselm

Heavenly Avarice: The Theology of Prayer














[With great sadness, we announce that Father Robert Crouse died on Saturday, January 15, 2011, at his residence in Crousetown, Nova Scotia. This Webpage will be maintained as a permanent tribute to him and as a way of making his sermons and other writings known.]

[rdcbigd.gif] R. Robert Crouse is a noted Patristic and Medieval scholar, and a teacher and priest in the Anglican Church of Canada. Through his committment to the texts of our spiritual and intellectual tradition, Father Crouse has instilled a deep love of learning in generations of students. He is also a noted priest and spiritual guide, a bulwark of orthodox faith, and has even been described as "the conscience of the Canadian Church". His passion is the poet/ theologian Dante Alighieri (1265-1321).

This webpage has been produced by his students in affectionate tribute, and as a means by which his writings, both academic and pastoral, might become more easily available. We hope you will find it helpful.

[Dr. Crouse photo]On this page you will find a biographical sketch, learn more about Dr. Crouse's studies, teaching and writings in theology, liturgy, and spirituality; and on Saint Augustine and Dante Alighieri.

A selection of Dr. Crouse's sermons is available here, according to the scriptural and doctrinal teaching of the classical Book of Common Prayer tradition.

If you make copies of these materials, please make sure proper attribution is given of the author in each copy ( R.D. Crouse, all rights reserved), and also consider the other publications from and donations to support St. Peter Publications, and The Prayer Book Society of Canada, under whose auspices so many of these materials were first published and made available to a wider audience.

Enjoy this page, and let us know what you think.



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